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Personas: Starting a marketing conversation
January 22, 2019

We do it every day. We begin a conversation with a friend, colleague or family member with some basic understanding. Who is this person? What does she value? What are his perspectives on the topic under discussion? When we are talking with a group of people, we begin much the same way but we often generalize the answers. We think about why the group is together and what they might expect from us. We know they include some men and some women and that they might not all agree with us. Essentially, we think about the personas of people. Strategic marketing begins withMORE >

Surviving Millennials: Attracting and retaining younger members
November 30, 2017

It’s top of mind for every professional association. It’s critical to arts organizations. It’s about membership, employees, audiences and participants. For many, it’s about survival. Most organizations face the same concerns. Older members remain active. They comprise our leadership. They’re our biggest donors and most loyal attendees. Yet, we know that we can’t depend on them for the long-term. We must engage younger members and help them find value in affiliation. When thinking about how to reach a younger audience, the most obvious starting point is asking. Talk with those younger people who do join your organization, attend your events, or supportMORE >

Goldilocks and the three research approaches
October 10, 2017

Once upon a time (because that’s how most good stories begin), there was a girl (we’ll call her Goldie) who was curious. Her search for truth led her to ask questions which led to intelligence which turned into insight. Along the way, her instincts got better and better but she always recognized that instincts were based on past experience and that situations changed. One day Goldie was working with a client who wanted to increase its market share (don’t they all?). As she began to consider the best approaches, she had lots of questions. Who was the client’s traditional buyers? WhatMORE >

Nik Wallenda Takes Few Risks
December 9, 2015

In many ways, he takes fewer risks than most organizations do as he walks on high wires well above the ground and without a net. Yet, you know he’s done his research. He understands the extent and limit of his abilities and those of his team. He knows the conditions surrounding him. He invests in the right tools to do the job. He leaves nothing to chance. And, however thrilling it is to watch him, he succeeds. Most of us don’t need the same thrills and suspense in our work lives. So why do we forego the preparation that will ensure ourMORE >

Content Strategy – At the Intersection between Brand Activation and Communications Execution
December 2, 2015

Anyone working to get the attention of audiences is likely bombarded by the array of media to consider. From traditional advertising outlets to the range of social media, the pressure to do it all affects everyone from sole proprietors to big corporations. In an effort to be sure that organizations have a presence in all media, too often marketers overlook the value of a solid, consistent and coherent content strategy. Content strategy is at the intersection between a media plan and a commitment to brand activation. Decisions about media placement – whether your offer should be on Facebook, supported by aMORE >

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