Business Development Coaching

John Straus has served professional services providers as a business development specialist. He brings his love of teaching to his mentorship of associates, helping them to confidently and capably recruit and retain clients.

Today’s highly-competitive professional services world requires everyone in the organization to be capable and confident business developers. Whether lawyers, accountants or consultants, all professionals must step up and stretch their skill sets to include attracting and retaining clients and friends.

Drawing on our broad experience in both the private and public sectors, John Straus supports professional services firms by understanding what leadership expects of its associates and providing the coaching needed to for them to succeed. We work with identified valued members of the team, assessing their current skills and implementing plans to improve their contribution to the organization’s business development needs.

John leads by example. Through the course of his career, he has built a network of relationships enabling him to successfully and profitably represent professional service providers. Known as a connector, John puts people together to find mutually rewarding solutions. He has been a mentor to many young people starting their professional careers.

Throughout his career, John worked across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, building strong relationships and valued networks:

Highlights of John’s career are:

  • Senior business development manager for two national engineering consultancies
  • Conducted business development presentations and coaching for attorneys and engineers
  • Managed a statewide network of education hearing officers
  • Founding Board member of IMD Guest House Foundation, and Board of Trustee member at Knox College (John’s alma mater)
John Straus