Collaboration. Contribution. Consultation.

As Your Agency Partner

At the beginning of client engagements, consultants often need an objective eye to set the strategic direction for future communications assignments. Gail enters as part of the agency team to conduct research and involve the entire client team in brand building.

Collaboration. Contribution. Consultation.

These are all ways in which Gail has worked with agencies in support of their client relationships.

Periodically, agencies add to their own capabilities to assist clients with constituent research. Activities such as group facilitation, interviews with Board members or customers, surveys with donors or alumni, or focus groups with prospective members are some ways in which Gail can support ongoing client engagements.

Whether as part of your agency team or as an independent voice, Gail can advance your client relationships.

Examples of long-standing agency relationships with GKS Consulting include Dobbe Marketing, Big City Brand Co., Enrollment Builders, CGM Interactive and RHB.